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If you are wondering how to change Excel to PDF, Excel2PDF is at your service! This simple tool has everything you need for fast converting of multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to PDF.

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Free Excel-to-PDF

This web-based tool is absolutely free, with no registration or email required. If you need more advanced features, such as file management and creating and editing PDF documents, try our desktop version!

Conversion without Losing Formatting

All data exported from Excel tables to PDF documents will be automatically formatted and saved correctly; there is no risk of random changes in row heights or other formatting issues.

Ultra-Fast Processing

File processing speed depends on the file size, but for average size files conversion won't take more than a minute.

Security and Privacy

Excel2PDF doesn’t allow third parties to access users' private files. Only you have access to the files you upload and your privacy is guaranteed. We also use SSL encryption to ensure data is transferred securely.

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